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Upcoming public holidays

I’ve got the mid Autumn Festival or Moon Festival(3days) and national day holidays (7 days) coming up which means days off work, giving me a total of 10 days off. Great! you might think but I have to work some weekends before each holiday which sucks! Balances it out if you have to work on the weekend too before the national holidays. So the mid Autumn/Moon Festival starts from the 22nd till 24th September but I have to work on the 19th and 25th weekend. The National Day holiday starts from 1st till 7th October but I got to work on 26th September and on the 9th October weekend. Remember, this is on top of the normal working weekdays before each holiday so in essence I only get one day weekends before each public holiday :( I guess it means early nights on the Saturdays (How lame does that sound?). Holidays are really different here than the UK. It’s like saying, ok, we’ll give you 10 days holiday but only if you work 3 weekends before taking the holiday. Counter active and and sort of balances it out right?

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