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10 things I hate about Beijing

10 things that annoy me:
  1. Localers who spit and phlegm.
  2. Dry air and pollution.
  3. Taxi drivers who don’t know where they are going.
  4. Drivers disregard of the high way code.
  5. People not letting you off the subway first before they get on.
  6. Lame foreigners who come over to China thinking they are awesome, cool and taking liberties. If you were loser in your home country, you’re still a loser here. Everyone knows at least one..
  7. Market stalls always trying to rip you off for cheap and crap quality products. I mean I ain’t paying 1000 kuai for a scarf!
  8. Retail assistants always following you around when you are looking around a shop. I hate shopping in general anyway so let me shop in peace!
  9. Hate people who get in your way when you trying to walk somewhere, I mean walk properly you muppet!
  10. Hates the Internet is slow here and is limited.

Rant over..