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[Videos] Chinese New Year Fireworks

Chinese New Year Fireworks

Sorry for the lack of updates but a Happy Chinese New Year to all. Chinese New Year is the most important public holiday in China where everyone goes back home to spend time with their family and friends, eat and set off lots of fireworks. This year is a little extra special because it’s the year of the dragon, which is considered the luckiest year of the Chinese Zodiac. The year of the dragon is so important that couples are planning their families to arrive specifically for the dragon year. It’s pretty crazy thinking about it so expect many dragon babies being born this year.

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Last night of CNY – fireworks, fireworks, fireworks

So yesterday was officially the last day of the Chinese New celebrations, which means the last chance to set off fireworks. Beijing was like a war zone with fireworks constantly going off and with people disregarding safety, it was common for people to set off fireworks in the middle of the road.

As it was the last day, I spent 200 RMB on two massive fireworks. Don’t worry, I set them off in a safe area in a local housing community ;) Money well spent. Can’t wait until next year :D

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Public Service Announcement III – Chinese New Year

Hope everyone enjoyed Chinese New Year with their family and friends, lets hope 2011 brings another great year to everyone. To escape the Beijing cold, I spent the holidays in Guangzhou and Sanya with the girlfriend. The weather was indeed nice and hot, especially Sanya where it was bloody hot! It was great just walking to the beach everyday and just chilling on the beach. Guangzhou and Sanya is definitely more colorful than Beijing due to the warmer climate but despite this, I still love Beijing more for some reason.

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Public Service Announcement II

Haven’t updated my blog for a while and I’ve been crazy busy lately.  Now I have a bit of free time, I’d thought I’d update it. Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and New Years by the way.  This would be the second year I’ve spent Christmas away from family but it was pretty good. I spent Christmas with friends. Also got to see my family in Guangxi during New Years, which was great.

So what have I been doing since my last blog entry? Well, I’m still working as Online Marketing Manager for MO-Call and recently my responsibilities  extended to managing the production side of things, which I really enjoy. Sadly for many reasons out of my control, this will be my last month with MO-Call. I have really enjoyed working with everyone at MO-Call and wished the circumstances were different but life must go on. So for the past two weeks, I’ve had interviews with various companies so wish me luck.

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