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Visiting Chinese Hospital Part 2

So after a few more visits to the Chinese hospital it was determined I have a slight asthma/allergy problem, which I’m likely to experience each year. Sadly this isn’t fully curable but you can get relevant medicine to treat it.

My initial feeling was I might have bronchitis but after doing an X-ray and two types of breathing tests for 20 minutes or so (the same machines that professional Olympics athletes use to test how good their lungs are), it was determined I have a slight asthma/allergy problem.

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*Cough cough cough cough* means a visit to a Chinese hospital

I have been suffering from a cough for nearly 2 months now, which started from a cold. After the cough become unbearable to live with, I decided it was time to man up and to go to a Chinese hospital.

You might be wondering why I have left it this long before deciding to go to check it out. Here’s why:

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