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Google Maps to go offline in China?

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Google is steadily losing its grip on the China market. Last year it was the search engine and now this summer, Google Maps might be going as well.

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Experimenting with new WordPress design

Recently been experimenting with a new WordPress design and still have so much to do but so little time :( The site will be improved gradually and hopefully you will all like the improvements. I’m currently ill again after catching a cold (Yes, I need to find a better immune system) and I’m back to work tomorrow after the qingming festival.

Off to dreamland ZZZzzzz

Earthquake, tsunami and nuclear radiation in Japan

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You have to be living under a rock to not of heard of what’s happening in Japan at the moment. First a 9.0-magnitude earthquake tremor caused a tsunami, which pretty much destroyed everything in its path, a possible nuclear risk then a blizzard hitting the north part of Japan. Really scary and crazy thinking this is happening. Seems so unreal that you think this only happens in the movies.

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Reasons why Google Maps is awesome

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As an expat living and aboard, I have come to rely on Google Maps quite often to find my way around. In general, I have a pretty good sense of direction but Google Maps has made my life easier.

I wonder how we expats would survive without such a great service. Read more for some random reasons why Google Maps is awesome.

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Public Service Announcement II

Haven’t updated my blog for a while and I’ve been crazy busy lately.  Now I have a bit of free time, I’d thought I’d update it. Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and New Years by the way.  This would be the second year I’ve spent Christmas away from family but it was pretty good. I spent Christmas with friends. Also got to see my family in Guangxi during New Years, which was great.

So what have I been doing since my last blog entry? Well, I’m still working as Online Marketing Manager for MO-Call and recently my responsibilities  extended to managing the production side of things, which I really enjoy. Sadly for many reasons out of my control, this will be my last month with MO-Call. I have really enjoyed working with everyone at MO-Call and wished the circumstances were different but life must go on. So for the past two weeks, I’ve had interviews with various companies so wish me luck.

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