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How To Rent An Apartment In Beijing

How To Rent An Apartment In Beijing

I’ve lived in Beijing for over two years now and I think I’ve experienced most situations that one can come across when trying to rent an apartment in Beijing. The first time wasn’t so straightforward because I didn’t do my research but subsequent apartments I lived in were easy and hassle-free.  So I thought it might helpful to provide some tips to those of you considering moving over here or soon to be renters.

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Apartment hunting sucks!

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Due to start a new job at the end of the month and currently looking for a new place to be closer to work in the CBD (Central Business District) of Beijing. Seen a few places so far but no luck so far. Some are either overpriced or cheap for a reason. I’m not very picky but some I have seen so far have been crap or a rip off!

My search continues…………