About My Beijing Blog

My name is Ving and welcome to my Beijing Blog where you’ll find information and news on travelling, living and working in Beijing, China. So if you’re thinking about travelling, living or working in this great city, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve been in China for over two years now and have experienced pretty much everything an expat comes to expect when deciding to go to a different country. Like most expats, I originally came to Beijing to study and travel for a year (that was my original plan) and experience something different. Since then, I’ve travelled to many great places, done a bit of studying and currently working for one of the biggest online retailers in China.

How This Blog Was Born
I always wanted to create a personal blog so my family and friends can keep track of what I’m thinking or what I’ve been doing. So 11 months later, on a free Saturday, I created one using WordPress.

I also maintain professional blog called VC Marketing, which focuses on Online Marketing, Social Media and SEO.

Disclaimer: All ideas, views & opinions here are entirely my own and do not reflect those of my employer or clients, past or present.